AT IAA 2021



Taking a look at the last five years, Roding Automobile has supported more than a dozen established companies and start-ups, such as Isdera and Sono Motors, in the implementation of their vehicle concepts. At this years IAA Mobility 2021, four Roding customers were successfully presenting their fully functional prototypes.

ACM City One

Designed as a fleet vehicle for
flexible purposes –
the City ONE.

Sono Motors

The SION from Sono Motors
is ready for series

City Transformer (CT)

The mobility concept of the City
Transformer CT1 comes from a
Start-up company from Israel.


ELEGEND has set the
goal of reinterpreting
rally legends.

"Our customers were able to initiate a lot of inspiring conversations in Munich over the last few days," states Managing Director Günther Riedl. "I am sure that some of our currently ongoing projects with reputable manufacturers, suppliers and mobility startups will also be present at the next IAA Mobility and will attract a huge amount of interest."