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Driving Pleasure Comes Easy.

The Roding Roadster is a two-seater medium-sized sports car with a carbon chassis and powerful BMW straight 6 cylinder turbo engine. The engine generates over 320 HP and has a torque of more than 400 Newton meters. The mid-engine is mounted traverse to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle and was purposefully designed by BMW to match the needs of the Roding Roadster.

Connection of motorization and lightweight construction

Due to its lightweight design, with a vehicle weight of below 950 kg combined with the powerful engine, the Roding’s power to weight ratio is below 3 kg/HP. This allows not only for spectacular accelerating power figures, but also for higher speeds in curves, demonstrated by a radial acceleration of up to 1,4 g.

Shifting is accomplished with manual 6-speed transmission which transfers the power to an optional limited slip differential with a barrier effect of up to 40%, fitted as standard. This way, the driving power is optimally distributed to the rear wheels, and this increases the traction of the vehicle during acceleration considerably. In combination with a sporty mixed tire compound, which can also optionally be ordered as a semi-slick variation, the rear axle always remains easy to control, despite the high engine performance - even in case of deliberate drifts.


Due to the seating position which is set well back to the rear, a solid command of the previously  mentioned driving condition is possible. Driving pleasure on a most emotional level.


Furthermore, damper and single-wheel suspension with double triangle steering are adjustable for the intended purpose – street or race track – and can be set by the driver individually.

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