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Chassis Settings – Racing Ex Works.

The modifying possibilities of the chassis are as different as the driving styles of our customers. With its single-wheel suspension with CNC-milled wishbones and wheel bearing, the Roding Roadster has obtained the finest of all possible ingredients. Due to high quality valve technology, the shock absorbers are adjustable in terms of compression and rebound damping. Moreover, ground clearance, wheel alignment and stabilizers in the front and in the rear are individually adjustable. Rack-and-pinion steering with optional servo-assistance, hydraulic dual-circuit brake system with ABS – pure racing; grip or drift – it is all up to you!

2 in 1 - Coupé or Convertible on Demand – Day by Day.

Due to its two removable Carbon roof-shells, the Roding Roadster combines Coupé and Convertible in one single vehicle. Every roof-shell can be manually unlocked and fitted into a separate compartment in the bonnet. So the drivers can quickly decide, if they prefer to enjoy the Convertible or Coupé driving pleasure.

330l – Amazing Amount of Space.

From the first designs on, the long front, typical to Roadsters, was combined with the advantages of mid-engine construction. Besides its exciting and dynamical advantages, this special design can provide a lot of storage space,considering other vehicles in this class. With a volume of 330 liters, two beverage crates or even the luggage for a weekend trip conveniently fit into the boot.


A golf bag or two skis – surprised?

A special highlight of the super sports car Roding Roadster is its long center tunnel suited for storing large or bulky items like golf bags or skis. This is new for a middle or rear engine vehicle - further evidence to prove the Roding Roadster’s outstanding charm.

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