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Modular Vehicle Structures

Lightweight structures made of CFRP and aluminium

The design and production of a functional vehicle structures in lightweight construction is one of the core competences of Roding Automobiles. To do this, we rely on tried-and-tested basic designs.


Two materials form the basis of our various lightweight bodies: Aluminium and CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics). Used as a single material or in combination for our chassis platforms and patented passenger monocoque. 


Our brand-neutral vehicle structures are universally usable for rapid prototyping of concept cars. It does not matter whether you want to build vehicles with conventional drive systems or to break new ground in terms of electric mobility. Lightweight structures in combination with electric drive systems are perfectly suitable when it comes to the interaction between weight and energy efficiency. You can rely here on the extensive experience of Roding Automobile.


Your benefits: 

  • Substantially shorter development and building time for prototypes
  • Lower investment costs
  • Development and design expertise of experienced engineers in the automotive sector
  • Scalability for different vehicle platforms
  • Brand neutrality

Our Basic Vehicle Structures

Aluminium space frame structures

  • Use of existing and customised extruded profiles
  • Good potential for lightweight construction
  • Use of milled nodes for fast prototyping

Aluminium floor assembly with CFRP passenger compartment

  • High potential for lightweight construction through the use of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastics) for construction
  • Integration of safety-related high-voltage components in an aluminium chassis


Modular CFRP floor group 

  • Easily adaptable basic chassis in patented shell construction
  • High design freedom as a result of flexible design/greenhouse
  • Variable upper chassis structures on same basic chassis




Complex high performance full CFRP monocoque structure

  • Maximum functional integration
  • Maximum potential for lightweight construction
  • Maximum number of degrees of freedom in development


Depending on your preferences and requirements, we adapt our basic constructions in size and geometry, such as wheelbase or gauges.

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Günther Riedl

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Ferdinand Heindlmeier

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