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Modern modular E/E Architecture and Wiring Looms

Our customers have access to a modern E/E architecture for vehicle prototypes and small series production, customised specially for each e-vehicle project on the basis of our general bus structure.

 By using series tested ECUs, we can provide reliable safety-related basic functions.


Our CAN gateway ECU provides interfaces for customer defined electrical components to standard Roding hardware and software functions to customise the electrical system.


Freely programmable displays enable the digital display of individual, driving-relevant information to generate safety, comfort and driving pleasure.


We develop wiring harnesses in-house for each vehicle project. They are contained in the 3D package. Our 2D and 3D wiring harness development stands for the highest quality in terms of accuracy of fit. We provide these as documentation to our customers upon request.

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Günther Riedl

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Ferdinand Heindlmeier

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