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High Voltage Batteries for Prototypes and Small Batch Series

In addition to system development, we also offer our customers the development and production of CFPR housings and components for high voltage batteries. Our high voltage batteries and components are suitable for prototypes, show cars and small batch series.


Battery housing in lightweight construction

Batteries are not only the heart of electric vehicles, they are also a key weight factor owing to their density. In order to construct high voltage batteries with as little weight as possible, we rely on the lightweight materials CFRP and GFRP in producing the battery housing. 


By using underbody panels in sandwich construction, we ensure high penetration resistance and rigid integration into the passenger compartment. Electrical conductivity is ensured by a special coating.


Battery systems for electric vehicles

The basic structure of our high voltage batteries comprises lithium-ion mass production cells. Again, we focus on maximum power storage and minimum weight to achieve the highest possible ranges. Designed to precisely meet electrical and mechanical requirements, we design and assemble the battery packs into the battery housing. Direct and indirect cooling can also be integrated.


A programmable BMS (Battery Management System) monitors the high voltage battery pack. Individual modules send measurement data to the vehicle via CAN.

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Günther Riedl

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Ferdinand Heindlmeier

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