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Suspension and Axle Systems for Electric Vehicles

We develop and manufacture complete chassis for vehicle prototypes and small batch series


The suspension system is the main contact point to the road and the interface to the driver. The suspension system determines driving dynamics, safety and driving comfort.


Especially for electric vehicles with currently higher overall weight the suspension system setup plays an important role for vehicle dynamics. The weight of the batteries must be optimally distributed, whereas the suspension itself has to be designed as light as possible. The lighter the vehicle, the more dynamically and sensitively it responds, and the higher is its energy efficiency.


Whether in the context of a complete vehicle or as a single suspension system for your e-vehicle project Roding Automobile provides you with the expertise and the infrastructure to accompany your project right from the initial concept to a ready-to-drive chassis. To be more detailed, we provide the following services:



  • Concept development and suspension design for electric vehicles of all classes (sports cars, small cars, middle class and commercial vehicles)
  • Ready-to-use axle systems
  • Development and construction of individual axle systems
  • Integration of fibre-composite components, e.g., carbon fibre rims


Axle systems for electric vehicle prototype construction

We develop and integrate axle systems from initial conception through kinematic simulation of the axle kinematics and suspension parts design. Depending on the vehicle project, we can use existing and proven basic axle concepts or develop new systems. 


Our axle systems are customisable at any time, depending on the vehicle type. We customise wheel carrier and control arms. In addition, various brake and steering systems can be integrated into our suspension concepts, depending on customer requirements.


Following up on development and design, we manufacture part of the required chassis components ourselves within the group of companies. We then assemble the axle system as well as other chassis parts, including testing and documentation. 

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Günther Riedl

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Ferdinand Heindlmeier

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