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Project duration: 5 months
Number of vehicles: 2 prototypes
Vehicle type: Functional prototype



The SION – an electric car that can run on both battery and solar power. To implement their vehicle project, the three founders of Sono Motors from Munich got Roding Automobile on board.

For the young company and especially for the SION prototype, we developed and manufactured the entire vehicle frame, including the passenger compartment. The passenger compartment is self-supporting and constructed without a support frame and therefore very cost and time effective. Roding Automobile also produced the complete exterior and interior bodywork according to design specifications provided by the customer and completed the drivetrain and electrical system.


All 330 solar cells, which are located on both sides of the Sion, as well as on the roof, the rear and the bonnet, were integrated into the vehicle. 


The following film shot by Sono Motors in our factory gives you a glimpse of the production of the SION functional prototype. 



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