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Research project 
Number of vehicles: 1 prototype
Vehicle type: Functional prototype




The CITY eTAXI of ACM (Adaptive City Mobility) was developed within the framework of the ICT-EMII sponsorship project (ITK for electro-mobility).

The lightweight e-taxi was designed according to the EC vehicle class L7E – 450 kg maximum weight without battery system and accessories. 

Roding Automobile built a hybrid chassis of aluminium and CFRP fibre composite materials, thereby laying the foundation for the very light vehicle construction. A solid base made of aluminium contains important components such as the batteries. In addition to the weight, the safety of the occupants also played a key role in the development of the CFRP passenger compartment. The rims and chassis parts were also developed and produced in CFRP. 

 Integration of a manual battery changing concept

The integration of a modular low-volt battery changing system represented a new challenge.  The electric vehicle is supplied with the necessary energy via eight handy battery packs from our cooperation partner BMZ GmbH. Empty batteries can be replaced with charged batteries easily and by hand at battery changing stations.


In addition to Roding Automobile GmbH, one of the main participants in the project, the following organisations have also been involved in the “Flagship Project of Electro-mobility 2015” of the federal government: Ametras rentconcept GmbH, BMZ Batterien-Montage-Zentrum GmbH, EuroDesign GmbH, Fraunhofer ESK, Josef Weiss Plastic GmbH, Green City Projekt GmbH, PEM of RWTH Aachen, Siemens AG and Streetscooter GmbH

For further information about the CITY eTAXI, please visit http://adaptive-city-mobility.com/.

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