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Roding Automobile's CFRP Lightweight Engineering Projects

The use of CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic) has the greatest potential for lightweight construction. CFRP components are used in an increasingly wide range of industries: aerospace, automotive industry, motor sport, sports equipment, medical technology, mechanical engineering, optical industry, and the furniture industry, to name just a few examples. 


Roding Automobile GmbH supports you all the way, right from the development, design and production stage up to the final machining of the CFRP components and assemblies, whatever their form or size. From the prototype up to series production.


Our strengths, your advantages:

  • Complete process chain within the Stangl & Kulzer Group
  • Important in-house production technologies - RTM, autoclave prepreg technology, hollow components
  • Very short process start-up and throughput times
  • Many years of expertise in high-end performance components
  • Expertise in the area of FKV small and medium batch series (up to 7,000 units/year)
  • Quality assurance and documentation in compliance with ISO 9100:2009



CFRP product development

Fibre-composite materials require a specific product development process. Thanks to the perfect interplay of function, design and benefits, we utilize the maximum potential for lightweight structures. 

CFRP prototype construction

Prototypes from 1 piece of simple to complex geometry and size are built in a very short time

CFRP production

We produce CFRP components in small and medium batch series in preform, vacuum infusion, prepreg presses and with autoclaves in our sister company, SK Carbon Roding GmbH, which is based in the same location.