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Modular Base Platform

Rapid vehicle prototyping with flexible rolling chassis

A single base vehicle platform – several vehicle options. The modular, ready-to-drive base platforms of Roding Automobile can be assembled individually within a very short time. Whether for vehicle prototypes, research vehicles, concept vehicles, or show cars.


Roding Automobile offers you the ideal basis for your vehicle concepts:


  • Variable basic concepts for 2-seaters, 4-seaters and commercial vehicles (minibus)
  • Platforms for open and closed vehicles
  • Variable in wheelbase and gauges
  • Suitable for conventional as well as electric drive concepts
  • Flexibly configurable with modular chassis, battery, motor and drive modules


We apply our in-depth experience in engineering and assembly of functional prototypes and concept vehicles in our customer projects as well as in our in-house developments. This gives us access to a wide range of carry over parts and systems. These parts and systems can also be adapted and combined.


  • Structure and frame concepts
  • Various suspension and axle concepts
  • Drive units (link)
  • Brake and parking brake systems
  • Pedals
  • Electronics
  • Ergonomic concepts


Benefit from the comprehensive technical know-how of Roding Automobile! By adopting our modular base platform, you can also reduce your development time for your vehicle project.

  • Comprehensive vehicle competence - from development to production, we can assist your developers or take on the entire development tasks.
  • Development and design of special vehicles for special needs and purposes.
  • Brand new developments including the customisation of existing vehicles.
  • Integration of carry-over parts into a complex vehicle architecture.

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Günther Riedl

Günther Riedl

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Ferdinand Heindlmeier

Ferdinand Heindlmeier

Phone: +49 (0) 9461 913 888 550