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Technology company for lightweight construction and e-mobility.

Roding Automobile GmbH is an international technology company, pioneering in the field of lightweight construction and electric mobility. As an experienced service provider, we develop, design and produce functional prototypes and and future-oriented concept vehicles with lightweight construction materials such as carbon, primarily with electric drives. 


We work in the following sectors for our customers:

  • Automotive industry and motor sport
  • Aerospace industry
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Electronics industry
  • Optical industry
  • Medical systems
  • Sports equipment
  • and many more

A strong team


Young. Dynamic. Innovative. These are the characteristic attributes of the 25-member team of Roding Automobile GmbH.

We are committed to an honest, reliable and cooperative relationship with our customers, suppliers as well as with our employees.

Flat hierarchies, short communication channels and responsible action characterise our work at Roding Automobile. Qualified, highly motivated and satisfied employees are as indispensable as the close dialogue with our customers.


Founders and CEOs

The Managing Partners, Günther Riedl and Ferdinand Heindlmeier, together with the entrepreneurs, Johann Stangl and Stefan Kulzer, Managing Partners of Stangl & Co. GmbH Präzisionstechnik, founded Roding Automobile GmbH in 2008. Ever since its founding, the entrepreneurs, who are also racing enthusiasts, have been shaping the company's history with constant new developments and innovations, giving the RODING brand its expertise and character.

They developed the exclusive carbon lightweight sports car, Roding Roadster, which is a brand shaper and technology demonstrator of the Stangl & Kulzer Group today.



From left to rigt: Stefan Kulzer, Johann Stangl, Günther Riedl and Ferdinand Heindlmeier

RODING - High-tech location in Bavaria

Technology company, sports car brand, town

Roding Automobile GmbH is based in the town of Roding, after which the company and the lightweight sports car, RODING was named.

The town of Roding in the Upper Palatinate is an established location for high-quality precision and production technology. This means that Roding Automobile GmbH benefits from the immediate proximity to other companies from the Stangl & Kulzer Group

Roding Automobile GmbH
Weiherhausstraße 2
93426 Roding
Phone: +49 (0) 9461 913 888 550

Fax: +49 (0) 9461 913 888 555

Our offers


We are your partner for the optimal solution.

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Lightweight system development in fiber composite materials.




Fiber composite CFRP parts in vacuum infusion, RTM or pressing techniques


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