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28.08.2017 By: Roding Automobile

Sono Motors presents functional prototype of SION

At the end of July, the Munich start-up Sono Motors presented the prototype of their solar car SION to the public for the first time. Developed and built by Roding Automobile GmbH.

Images: Sono Motors

The SION - an electric car with a range of 250 km. That doesn’t sound very spectacular at first. But the SION is not only operated by a battery - it can also cover up to 30 km per day using solar energy. This combined e-mobility concept was developed by the start-up Sono Motors from Munich.

In order to implement their vehicle concept, the three young founders got the team from Roding Automobile on board, which specialises in the construction of functional prototypes. “The design and construction of the first roadworthy SION took exactly seven months, from the beginning of the project until the launch last week. The second SION then soon followed in the middle of August. A sensational working tempo!” says Ferdinand Heindlmeier, managing director and project leader of Roding Automobile GmbH.

The entire vehicle frame, including the passenger compartment, were specially developed and manufactured for SION. The passenger compartment is self-supporting and constructed without a support frame, something that represents a special feature in prototype construction. Roding Automobile also produced the elaborate exterior and interior of the solar car according to design specifications provided by Sono Motors.

All 330 solar cells, which are located on both sides of the Sion, as well as on the roof, the rear and the bonnet, were integrated into the vehicle.  These solar panels charge the battery when the car is being driven, but also when parked.

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